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What Will Your CPSI Story Be? by Steven Dahlberg

Why should you go to the Creative Problem Solving Institute – CPSI? You just might end up with your own CPSI story … Anyone who has been to CPSI has a CPSI story – how they got there, what happened there, how their life was transformed by an experience there, why they come back year after year. Today, I celebrate the life of the person who ignited my CPSI story in the 1990s – Berenice “Bee” Bleedorn. She died seven years ago today at the age of 99 – a passionate advocate for creative education until the very end of her life. We met in 1991. I was 19 – she was 79. But, of course, I didn’t know how old she was at the time. Bee’s age was the one topic you didn’t talk about. And, if you did, it was about the only personal thing that made Bee angry. Bee once wrote: “In the sacred arena of people’s lives, there is a critical need for the capacity to think beyond the absolutism of labels and old habits.” To Bee, age was a just another label that pigeonholes us and says “you should be doing this” or “you shouldn’t […]

This is Us … Because of CPSI by Janeen Halliwell

Deborah suggested we take the elevator rather than the stairs. We’d been rooming together at the Creative Problem Solving Institute since Tuesday and were habitually using the stairs to get to and from our room on 2nd floor Greiner building. “Sure,” I replied, it was late Thursday night and the elevator door was wide open, inviting us in. As we entered, we could see that we were not alone, and that a man was pressing the > open door < button. He greeted us with a very warm “Hi,” and asked us which floor we were going to. “The 2nd floor,” we chimed in. He went to push button #2, but it was missing – an empty hole in its place. So, he offered us two options, get off here and walk a floor up, or go with him up to the 3rd floor and walk down one flight of stairs. “We’ll go with you,” asserted Deborah. My new CPSI friend had a professional background in marketing, and she clearly saw this as an opportunity to promote me, a single middle-aged woman to this handsome middle-aged man. On his nametag were the names Paul and Pablo. Two names on one nametag isn’t out of place at a creativity conference, but […]

CPSI Friends and Family: Connection, Creativity and Community by Bianca Billoni

People like to have a constant in their life. Whether we talk about it or not it’s a subconscious desire that continues to exist within us. It feels good to have something to look forward to, something that doesn’t change or go away. For so many people CPSI is that constant. The Creative Problem Solving Institute is not simply defined by its location or what its purpose is. It’s defined by the impression it has left on people and the community is has created. More than a community, though, we are a family that continues to come back every year. We exist all over the world at all ages with many stories to share. It is such an incredible experience to not only to learn from others what creativity means to them, but to build strong friendships that can last a lifetime. Although meeting once a year for a week seems like such a short amount of time, I know many would agree that it makes CPSI that much more exciting to look forward to. In my years with the YouthWise program I have met creative professionals in all fields, make friends that live across several cities, states, and countries, and have opened my mind to the endless possibilities of […]

How CPSI Helped Me Launch My Company By Greg Shoemaker

As a young business owner, I launched a cell phone cleaner and struggled to figure out my next move. I took meeting after meeting trying to make that one important connection that would help me grow my brand. At yet another meeting, my contact recommended that I attend this “CPSI” Conference. He said at CPSI the best minds in the world gather to give workshops about creativity. I was astounded. How could I not know about a conference like this in my own backyard? I registered, and that changed everything for me. Today, I am President of the Asset Recovery Company of America (ARCA), which began as a small project and has quickly grown. We now have four locations throughout the Northeast. At ARCA, we reduce the environmental impact of waste created by Fortune 1000 companies by recovering, repurposing, refurbishing, and recycling assets regardless of size, location, value, age, or condition. For every asset we tackle, we hire industry experts to work with our marketing, sales, and environmental teams to plan and execute efficient relocation and dissolution. We mobilize sales teams, e-commerce channels, invite-only auctions, and a vast network of sustainable, certified recyclers. Literally, nothing we handle ends up in a landfill. Creative Problem Solving […]

Creativity and Life After Hurricane Maria by Alexandra Suarez

I left Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria devastated my dreams. I was afraid, suffering, in despair, and just when I thought life couldn’t get any harder, and another blow knocked me down with a “ding” on my whatsapp: a message from my business collaborators backing out of our 3 year relationship.  With that came hopelessness that nothing in my life was going to get better if I stayed in Puerto Rico. I am writing this as I freeze my buttons off in Chicago. Maria taught me that I may know how and with what I go to bed, but I may never know how or with what I will wake up. A couple of weeks ago, I was a woman who had more that she needed, yet here I am with only two bags living in a 10 X10 room and feeling like the luckiest person in the world. Despite feeling lucky, I also felt paralyzed.  I worried that I didn’t know what to do with my life, or know how to answer my kids’ questions, or know a plan for the future. We have all felt stuck: in the wrong job, the wrong relationship, in the wrong city. But, hurricane […]