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From Novice to a Rising Creativity Thought Leader: My Thirty-One Months of CPS, Daberechi Okedurum

Being a Sidney J. Parnes Global Fellow and joining the Creative Education Foundation network has fostered a huge breakthrough in my career and personal quest to find purpose and satisfaction in my life. The Fellowship helped me find direction in committing to economic growth in Nigeria, Africa as well as growth for the global society. Unsatisfied with the happenings in my life, I sought a new challenge, trusting that it would yield my ideal job of helping individuals and organizations find value from the chaos within and around them. This journey started for me with no experience of the Creative Problem Solving process (CPS), and like most of the 500+ individuals in Nigeria who participated in my CPS sessions, I used to see creativity as an exclusive reserve for the artist. Over the past two years, my CPS sessions have focused on education and entrepreneurship. In education, we are working with parents and educators to prepare today’s learners for life, not just for exams; bringing concepts in their curriculum come to life; and deliberately working with these students to meet needs in our local communities. We combine problem-based learning and CPS tools to achieve this. This year, 120 student-leaders from 30 institutions of higher learning in Nigeria engaged in a […]

CEF is proud to announce it’s partnership with Stormz!

Click here to see how to benefit as an Associate or Guild Member, and sign up for the “3 Ways to Leverage Technology for Facilitating, Ideating and Training” webinar on Thursday, October 5th at 12:00 PM EDT.

The Powerhouse that is “Creative Problem Solving”

By Sebastian Montenegro, participant in CPSI’s YouthWise Program Typically, problems stress people out. When you don’t have the answer, you feel unprepared and worry that you won’t be able to deliver the solution needed. Creative Problem Solving (CPS) gives you confidence even when you don’t have the solutions because CPS teaches you how to find answers. Before learning CPS, I tried to find the one right answer to every problem. This would lead to me giving up right off the bat without even trying. This year at the Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI), I clarified the true power of divergent and convergent thinking. Specifically, when you ideate from an unconventional starting point, you have more possibilities to choose from. Also, divergent thinking allows you to look at many possibilities without the pressure of having to have the one right answer in the beginning. Convergent thinking allows you to take your time to find what really has value and makes sense. The power of separating divergent and convergent thinking allows you to see more ideas and explore more possibilities that you might otherwise miss or race past. Think about making a decision on what to write a story about. If you […]

Next Stop: Planet CPSI!

By Charlie Garland If you’re a creativity-oriented person like I am, then you’ve probably experienced a lot of what I’m about to tell you. But, then again, you’ve probably also learned by now how to deal with it in life. Know the feeling you get right after you offer up a creative suggestion, an innovative idea, and outside-the-box thought? People around you invariably give that eye-roll, or perhaps that deer-in-the-headlights sort of “Huh?” response. Or maybe they just slump into that all too familiar “Oh, man, not another one of these wacky ideas again” body language. Yep…we’re the oddballs in almost any setting. Our friends, our family, our co-workers – they’re all the normal ones, and we are the outliers. The “creatives” who don’t really fit in totally with the norm and within that comfortable zone of not rocking the boat. The life of a creative can be a lonely place, indeed. But I had one of the most unique experiences of my life a few weeks ago, and it happened – of all places – way up in Buffalo, New York (which is actually quite beautiful in early June, I must say). Every year, CPSI – the Creative Problem […]

CPSI Gives Us Wings – Community Service and Personal Transformation

By Naomi Skarupinski, Aquatics Director, Town of Tonawanda Parks & Recreation Department My first encounter with the Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI) was five years ago, when the conference was brought back to Buffalo, New York. I began my journey in this creative world as a volunteer who was not exactly sure what I was getting myself into. The very moment that I stepped foot onto the campus, I felt right at home. I felt a sense of understanding from the community of people that were all there to learn from one another: a sense of humbleness. I have spent four wonderful years volunteering as a “Wing” (Buffalo Wing – get it?!), working in a multitude of ways to help the conference run smoothly from behind the scenes. Much like the CPSI parcipants, the Wings have a very strong connection with one another, as well as with the CPSI community. There is a sense of pride and ownership that is formed when the choice to be a Wing is made. Some of my greatest connections were formed during the moments I was able to assist a leader or work late hours to “close up shop” for the next day. I […]