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Kellogg’s Sponsorship at CPSI

CEF is proud to announce our new partnership with Kellogg’s. Not only is Kellogg’s providing a $5,000 sponsorship in support of CPSI, they will bring a real healthy eating challenge from Kellogg’s to our young creators participating in YouthWise so they can use their Creative Problem Solving skills to help Kellogg’s develop a solution. Executive Director, Beth Miller, says, “ This is exactly the kind of deep and meaningful partnership that helps our nonprofit expand infrastructure while engaging participants through key CPS programming.” Kristen Peterson, Director of CPSI and CEF Trustee, Clare Dus developed this partnership with Terry Work, Senior Director of Sensory and Analytical Sciences at Kellogg’s.

Creative Education Foundation and Georgetown Public Schools: The Case for Creativity

Dr. Julie DeRoche, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Georgetown Public Schools Beth Miller, Executive Director, Creative Education Foundation As we have all seen, the marketplace and workplace is changing at breakneck speed. We are not now preparing our students for this fast-changing workplace. Indeed, it isn’t just that we need to prepare our children for a changing marketplace; we have to train them to be the inventors of it. According to Forbes, in the coming years, young people can expect to change jobs 15-20 times and have as many as 7 careers. The US Department of Labor predicts that 65% of students will become adults holding jobs that don’t even exist yet, and that those jobs will be in Big Data, Nano science, 3-D printing, and advanced robotics. Creative Problem Solving (CPS) training provides learners at all levels with the skill set, tool set, and mindset to regularly and effectively engage in deliberate creativity. CPS creates nimble thinkers who are able to learn from incremental failures without despairing, while simultaneously increasing their tolerance and comfort with ambiguity. Students trained in Creative Problem Solving will create the intellectually fluent and innovative workplace that we need to negotiate and succeed in the […]

The Katherine O. Heusner Service and Commitment Award

The CEF Board of Trustees is proud to announce the Katherine O. Heusner Service and Commitment Award. In recognition of Kitty’s continued service, leadership, and devotion to CEF and CPSI, we are pleased to dedicate the Creative Problem Solving Institute 15-Year Service and Commitment Award in her name. Kitty’s long involvement with the Creative Education Foundation spans more than 30 years, during which time she has served as a participant, leader, volunteer, mentor, and generous donor. Kitty spent 10 years as a Trustee, assuming the role of Chair of the Board of the Creative Education Foundation at a critical inflection in its history. She was the pivotal leader whose diligence and collaborative leadership style allowed the Board of Trustees to work seamlessly together to move the organization back into stability while positioning it for renewed growth. Kitty models the commitment to service that is at the heart of CEF’s core values and her example of dedication, leadership, curiosity, and generosity will be celebrated hereafter with this award. Please join us in celebrating this award with Kitty!

Georgetown Public High School and Creativity Curriculum

“We are always told what to do, so I liked having permission to be wild and crazy, “ said Ethan, a Georgetown High School student. With teachers trained by the Creative Education Foundation (CEF), students taking creativity classes at Georgetown High School experienced the inspiration garnered by Creative Problem Solving (CPS). Through a grant from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, CEF has partnered with Georgetown Public High School (GHS) to help teachers develop their creativity unit. This partnership included teachers’ attendance at the Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI) in 2014 and 2015, as well as on-site creativity curriculum development and training. GHS teacher Elizabeth Marchetti, said that going to CPSI 2015 “really solidified the on-site creativity training we got in the Spring.” With the support of long-time creative education expert Donna Milani Luther, Georgetown teachers deepened their existing creativity curriculum, which was customized to their students’ particular creative process challenges. Students also shared the principles of CPS that most resonated with them. Grace likes the idea of coming up with many ideas. “Deferring judgment” resonated with May and helped her feel safe when sharing ideas. Kyle echoed Nathan in liking being “wild and crazy” while ideating, and […]

The Parnes Fellows at CPSI

Our Parnes Fellows had amazing things to say about CPSI this year. It was described as “mind blowing” and a means of “meeting lots of people from around the globe while making new friends.” One Fellow noted that CPSI was not only useful in helping her understand the CPS process but it also taught her many other things and helped her grow psychologically and emotionally. Excited to see where these bright minds will lead us in the future.