CPSI Friends and Family: Connection, Creativity and Community by Bianca Billoni

People like to have a constant in their life. Whether we talk about it or not it’s a subconscious desire that continues to exist within us. It feels good to have something to look forward to, something that doesn’t change or go away. For so many people CPSI is that constant.

The Creative Problem Solving Institute is not simply defined by its location or what its purpose is. It’s defined by the impression it has left on people and the community is has created. More than a community, though, we are a family that continues to come back every year. We exist all over the world at all ages with many stories to share. It is such an incredible experience to not only to learn from others what creativity means to them, but to build strong friendships that can last a lifetime.

Although meeting once a year for a week seems like such a short amount2018 CPSI Kids Pyramid of time, I know many would agree that it makes CPSI that much more exciting to look forward to. In my years with the YouthWise program I have met creative professionals in all fields, make friends that live across several cities, states, and countries, and have opened my mind to the endless possibilities of the creative lifestyle.

In high school, I’ve realized that I am interested in a career that involves writing. CPSI has inspired me to keep going with that. Especially this past Summer at CPSI where a mentoring program was tested for some of the teens in YouthWise. I was lucky enough to get that experience and I was blown away with the confidence boost I had. My mentor and I focused on my poetry, and she helped me out with some creative exercises and strategies.

Moving away from the classes, learning, and career paths, I’d like to focus on the friends I’ve made. For most of my life I have had the luck of attending CPSI and during that time people have come and gone. But there are others who stay and continue to come back just as I have every year. More than anything I look forward to CPSI because I know I’m going to get to see all of these wonderful people once again. In a way I’m grateful that we’re all in different places, that way seeing them again makes it that much more special. So thank you for these experiences, CPSI, for these memories I will cherish, and most of all the friends I have been able to make and keep.

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