Creative Conferences Inspire Creative Workplaces

By Steven T. Dahlberg, Director, Creative Problem Solving Institute

Creative workplaces inspire. To adapt workplaces to be creative, we must first discover who we are as creative people and creative workers.

Creative Conferences Inspire Creative Workplaces - CPSI 2017Alex Osborn – the inventor of brainstorming – founded the Creative Education Foundation (CEF) and its primary program, the Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI), because he knew that all people are creative and that they can learn to be more so. For more than 60 years, CPSI has immersed participants in hands-on learning in deliberate creativity, innovation training, and change leadership. CPSI exemplifies three key elements for transforming your workplace into a creative place that inspires your workers and yourself:

1. Diverse mindsets matter.
CPSI attracts diverse participants. In one workshop, a corporate SVP, a teacher, a market researcher, a retiree, and an artist learned together. They connected as people and evolved their thinking through different perspectives, which resolved into unique and powerful conversations and insights. By building a diverse team, you can benefit from this interplay more deeply and continuously.

2. Drink, and drink again, at the creative watering hole.
My mentor described CPSI as her watering hole where she fed her creative appetite. CPSI is the waterhole to which hundreds of people return year after year to renew, learn new things, and commune with others committed to enacting deliberate creativity in their lives. Creativity must be fed, so commit to nourishing yourself and your team regularly.

3. Immerse your workplace in creativity.
CPSI is fun. Participants engage in serious play, learn from improv comics, and get inspired by illustrators. Inspiration, experiential training, and the shared intention of participants to learn deliberate creativity results in an immersive experience that you can replicate at your workplace. Consider furnishing comfortable, communal areas that inspire conversation, fill the walls with artwork, supply Legos and coloring books, and encourage fiddling and fidgeting – you will free your team from boundaries and unlock innovation.

Join us at CPSI 2017 from June 13 to 18 at the University at Buffalo in New York and discover how this creative conference can inspire you to create an inspired workplace.

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One Comment

Rober "Alan" Black

totally agree with the messages in this article.

Thanks to Bob Eberle I attended my first CPSI.
Thanks to two articles by E. Paul Torrance
Thanks to attending CPSI 1978 I devoted the past 39 years of my life
to attempt to help audiences, clients, groups to do exactly what this article is written about.

So have hundreds of CPSI leaders, CPSI alumni, ACA members, ACA conference attendees,
Mindcampers, FCW presenters and alumni, A.C.E. presenters and alumni, CREA-ITALY presenters and alumni and the list goes on and on and on.

Hopefully after 70 to 100 years a critical mass will be reached
and more companies: small to large to major corporations
will actually put these ideas, behaviors and actions into practice
from their front and rear doors to their top floors.


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