Creativity and Mental Blocks: Why You Think the Way You Do

By Sarah Thurber, Managing Partner, FourSight

Learn to Better Understand Your Creative Thinking Preferences at the Creative Problem Solving InstituteOn family vacations, my dad planned our trips down to the minute. I thought dads were natural planners. Imagine my surprise when I married someone who traveled around the world with nothing but a backpack and a good attitude.

People are different. And they solve problems differently. While some problem-solving behavior is a result of training, much of it is actually a reflection of hardwired thinking preferences. We all have them. They are invisible, but very real. And they are as intractable as handedness. When it comes to solving problems, we all reflexively grab at the challenge with whatever type of thinking we instinctively prefer.

Researcher Gerard Puccio, director of the International Center for Studies in Creativity, and current chair of the first graduate program in the science of creativity, studied this phenomenon and figured out a way to measure it. He created the FourSight Thinking Profile, an assessment that measures your preference for each stage in the Creative Problem Solving process. It sheds light on why people behave the way they do. Clarifiers ask questions. Ideators come up with ideas. Developers plan family vacations. And Implementers just grab their backpacks and go.

When we gather at the Creative Problem Solving Institute this June, Springboard leaders will use the FourSight assessment to help participants understand their own style of Creative Problem Solving. Understanding these hardwired, thinking preferences helps people overcome mental blocks and resolve conflicts in relationships. Most importantly, understanding your own thinking can help you be a more effective, more creative problem solver.

See you in June!

Sarah Thurber is managing partner at FourSight. Contact Sarah at Want to get certified in FourSight? Join us in Buffalo, June 11-12, just before CPSI 2017. CPSI participants get 10% off their FourSight certification registration (use promo code CPSI_2017).

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I was wondering if Gerard Puccio has ever done a study on using mathmatical problem solving to get over a mental block? Thank you!


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