Listen to Our Interview with CPSI Spotlight Performer JoAnna Mendl Shaw … on Amplifying Creativity Through Movement

Listen to today’s Creativity in Play interview that CPSI Director Steve Dahlberg and Mary Alice Long did with JoAnna Mendl Shaw, choreographer and creative director of The Equus Projects.

They explore how movement, dance and performance can lead anyone to new insights about listening, decision-making and the creative process. Plus, they discover more about The Equus Projects’ inter-species performance works with horses – where listening, leadership, negotiation and adaptability play out with very real consequences.


JoAnna and four performers will be featured at the Creative Problem Solving Institute 2017 from June 13 to 18, 2017, in Buffalo, New York. They will:

  • Lead a day-long workshop on Strategic Problem Solving: A Kinetic Experience in Physical Listening.
  • Perform The Breaking Ring, followed by a talk back with the audience and improviser/artist Gary Hirsch.
  • Lead a breakout session on Moving to Think through Immersive Play.
  • Faciliate the experiential FOLDING exploration using folding paper to investigate notions of leadership, leading and following, seeing the whole, and your contribution to a creation process

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Walter LeBoulanger

Fine arts is a really go place to start looking for and finding that students sees things in different setting than most regular classrooms, Students are given an opportunity for expression. We do not fine arts in our district until the student leaves the 5th grade. What a real wast of time to find out just how much talent and slow process of having kids want to come to school. The research has shown student who are in these classes rant much higher in academic.


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