Diversity Welcomed at CPSI

A creativity conference that welcomes diversity and fosters new ways of thinking.

“Learning creativity processes, discussing ideas and concepts with thoughtful leaders in the field, and having lots of fun is what you get at CPSI.”
– Oliver Kern, Head of SkillCamp, Bayer CropScience, Germany

Geographic diversity has always been a hallmark of the Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI). Our founders, Alex Osborn and Sid Parnes, shared the message of creativity around the world – and the world, in turn, came to CPSI.

In recent years, CPSI has welcomed South Africans as the country saw its transformation from apartheid to democracy, Brazilians who came in large contingents, Dutch from The Netherlands’ national water agency, and Nigerian delegations seeking to build creative communities, among many other represented countries.

Parnes Fellows: A creativity conference that welcomes diversity and fosters new ways of thinking.

2015-2016 Fellows from the Sidney J. Parnes Global Fellowship in Creative Problem Solving

CPSI currently sponsors the Parnes Fellows (right), a global group of emerging leaders who are developing as creative innovators so that they can improve lives in their communities.

The real power is when cultural and geographic diversity meets cognitive diversity. At CPSI, we welcome, encourage and nurture ALL of these diversities. (Won’t you join us?)

In his book, The Difference: How the Power of Diversity Creates Better Groups, Firms, Schools and Society, Scott Page says:

“In problem solving, diversity is powerful stuff. … As individuals we can accomplish only so much. We’re limited in our abilities. Our heads contain only so many neurons and axons. Collectively, we face no such constraint. We possess incredible capacity to think differently. These differences can provide the seeds of innovation, progress, and understanding.”

We know that many factors go into deciding to spend a week in the U.S. By choosing to come to CPSI, we appreciate your investment in developing both yourself and the collective capacity for thinking differently.

Scott Page adds that “in difference lies the potential to contribute.” We hope that YOU will contribute to CPSI 2017 and the diversity of places, industries, ages and mindsets that feeds positive change.

Register for CPSI 2017 before March 15 to save 30% off the Full Registration!

“One of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had.”
– Frank Privette, Senior Brand Manager, Kimberly-Clark, Costa Rica


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