Lifelong Learners in Creativity Find a Home at CPSI

By Duane Wilson, Program Manager, Office of Continuous Improvement, Notre Dame University; and Board Chair, Creative Education Foundation

I am amazed by those who have attended the Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI) for more than 25 years. Their commitment to professional and personal growth is impressive. I must admit, at my first CPSI in Atlanta, I was both amazed and surprised. I was surprised because I could not understand how after 20 years, the same conference could continue to have an impact. Well, this year will be my sixth consecutive CPSI and I think I get it. While I’m still young in CPSI years, I continue to find great value as it serves two very important purposes in my life: lifelong learning and personal innovation. I hope CPSI’s continued success will allow me to one day be a 25-year participant.

Lifelong Learning in Creativity Find a Home at CPSI - Duane Wilson

Like many of you, I am committed to being a life-long learner. I believe what Einstein said, “Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” Each year as I choose the sessions to attend, I look for sessions that will introduce me to new content, as well as sessions that will deepen my knowledge of what I already know. I am always looking for new content, tools or methods to incorporate into my personal and professional life.

More importantly, I love coming to CPSI because it impacts who I am. Incremental transformation describes what happens to me as I internalize the principles shared by the CEF/CPSI community and as I build relationships with people that help shape who I am becoming.

Please join me this year at the Creative Problem Solving Institute as I look forward to my upgrade to Duane 6.0.

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