Listen to Our Interview with CPSI Spotlight Performer JoAnna Mendl Shaw … on Amplifying Creativity Through Movement

Listen to today’s Creativity in Play interview that CPSI Director Steve Dahlberg and Mary Alice Long did with JoAnna Mendl Shaw, choreographer and creative director of The Equus Projects. They explore how movement, dance and performance can lead anyone to new insights about listening, decision-making and the creative process. Plus, they discover more about The Equus Projects’ inter-species performance works with horses – where listening, leadership, negotiation and... Read more »

Creativity and Mental Blocks: Why You Think the Way You Do

By Sarah Thurber, Managing Partner, FourSight On family vacations, my dad planned our trips down to the minute. I thought dads were natural planners. Imagine my surprise when I married someone who traveled around the world with nothing but a backpack and a good attitude. People are different. And they solve problems differently. While some problem-solving behavior is a result of training, much of it... Read more »

The Business Impact of Creative Problem Solving

By Thom Gonyeau, Principal, Mountain View Group “Oh, do not ask what it is. Let us go and make our visit.” – T. S. Eliot When I first was enticed to attend the Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI) – after lots of prodding from friends – I didn’t really know what to expect. One never does, but it looked and sounded fun. I figured it would... Read more »

Why Nurturing Our Natural Creativity Matters

By attending the Creative Problem Solving Institute as I aged out of elementary school, I was able to grow and develop my creative thinking, taking what I was learning in the abstract and applying my new knowledge to a more practical setting – my... Read more »