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Haitham Shousha

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Contact Info
Phone - Mobile: +201002178220
Facebook: haithammaamoun
Facilitator Qualifications
Clients: Egyptian Banking Institute DDi Franklin Covey Ken Blanchard
Years Facilitating: 6-10
Skills/Expertise (Select all that apply):
  • Subject Matter Expert / Speaker
  • Effective Teams / Team Building
  • Creativity in Education (training youth or educators)
  • Process Improvement
  • Training Others in Creativity/Facilitation/CPS
Industries Served:
  • Business / Industrial
  • Education
  • Financial Services
  • Human Resources / Organizational Development
  • Telecommunications
Education: B.A in Business / humanities
Qualified Assessor: DDi /Emerging leaders /competency Leadership assessment
Languages Spoken:
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Arabic


Haitham Shousha joined the Training industry in 2008 as an executive instructor with Egyptian Banking Institute- EBI at the corporate Performance and Management Development Department. In his tenure with EBI, Mr. Shousha had managed the delivery of the services for two key areas; accountability, execution and executive development. This includes the Maximizing Performance®, Targeted Management®, Executing Business Strategies, Technical Sales Practice® and Strategic Leadership Experience® product lines. He has designed and delivered EBI learning and development systems to clients for 8 years. He is a master trainer in EBI’s first- through senior-level leadership programs. He had worked with clients in various industries, including Financial Institutions; Cloud computing, FMCG, Innovative Technologies, and telecommunications.

The key clients Mr. Shousha had worked with are Foreign Base Banks, Central Banks, Government banks and offshore, Mobinil, Vodafone, Tyro Craven College, ISMM, DDI, Ken Blanchard, Franklin Covey, Vital smarts.

Before joining the training industry, he served as director of Business for an Outsourcing company in innovative technologies and cloud computing. His main responsibilities included the process re-engineering applying best practice methodologies in sales operations and systematic business approaches. At the Corporate and Regional levels.

Facilitation and Coaching Style

Shousha’s style quickly brings the “conceptual” down to the “practical” in a challenging, thought-provoking way. His high energy and ability to relate to participants results in meaningful, relevant experiences. Direct responsibilities of planning, setting strategy, developing business forecasts, supporting sales, and educating the field enable him to look at situations through a business lens. His ability to flex and adapt to the needs of groups and cultures ensures that participants understand and are able to apply their learning to their leadership roles and responsibilities.

As a coach, Shousha provides insight through open, frank discussions that result in clear actions for the feedback receiver. Participants walk away with a development plan that increase their leadership and competencies effectiveness.


Haitham Shousha

Practice Lead Consultant

Leadership & Technical Sales

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