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Julia Roberts, MSc, Creative Studies, Certified Creativity Coach

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Contact Info
Company/Employer: Decoding Creativity.com
Phone - Office: 818-478-1768
Phone - Mobile: 973-748-8985
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DecodingCreativity/
Twitter: juliadecodes
Instagram: juliadecodes
Facilitator Qualifications
Years Facilitating: 1-5
Skills/Expertise (Select all that apply):
  • Subject Matter Expert / Speaker
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Innovation Facilitation (New products; services)
  • Branding / Brand Image / Brand Strategy
Industries Served:
  • Advertising / Branding / Marketing
  • Arts/Culture
  • Entertainment
  • Media
Affiliations: MSc, ICSC, Buffalo State College/SUNY NY FourSight certified presenter Martha Beck, PhD. Certified Coach Eric Maisel, PhD. Creativity Coach training
CEF/CPSI Leadership:
  • CPSI Core Faculty (18 Hour Course)
  • CPSI Presenter
Education: BA, French and History, Nazareth College

Julia Roberts, MSc, Creative Studies, has been a brainstormer and marketing conceptor most of her adult life. She facilitates effective  brainstorming and problem-solving sessions for marketers and groups of writers in entertainment companies and marketing agencies. Over the years, her clients have included Warner Home Video, HBO, Motown, and Nintendo, as well as more traditional marketers like Avon, Amex, Burger King and Kraft Foods.

Julia works with each client - large or small - to design a facilitated session that will help them clarify their issues, brainstorm exciting and new ideas, and develop team ownership of their new direction. She offers FourSight creativity assessment and teambuilding exercises to build group empathy, and better collaboration and working relationships.

Julia Roberts has Masters in Creative Studies from Buffalo State College/SUNY and is a certified creativity coach where she offers her popular program: Write Without the Fight, designed monthly. She is also author of three books, including Sex, Lies & CreativityGender Differences in Creative Thinking (Difference Press, 2014), and has developed assessment, training and coaching programs to enhance creative thinking and ability.

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