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Found 79 listings

Ginny Santos

Summary Bio: Ginny Santos uses her expertise in Creative Problem Solving to facilitate productive collaborations and design online and in-person trainings. Ginny is also a member of the Faculty at Wilfrid Laurier University where she teaches creativity and innovation to MBA students. She is especially passionate about providing the tools [...]
Company/Employer: NeOle Consulting
Phone - Office: 4168186092
Phone - Mobile: 4168186092
953 Dovercourt Rd., Canada M6H 2X6
Years Facilitating: 11-15
Languages Spoken:
  • English
  • Spanish

Susan Robertson

Summary Bio: My mission is to SHARPEN STRATEGIC CREATIVITY, TO PRODUCE REAL RESULTS for my clients.  Underlying all my work is the mantra that creative thinking and innovation must drive results.  Yes, it’s true that the idea generation phase needs to be engaging, playful, and energizing for you and your team.  That’s a necessary pillar [...]
Company/Employer: Sharpen Innovation & Harvard University
Phone - Office: +1.407.221.4592
Phone - Mobile: +1.407.221.4592
4278 Haws Ct., Orlando, FL, USA 32814
Years Facilitating: 16-20
Languages Spoken:
  • English

Julia Roberts, MSc, Creative Studies, Certified Creativity Coach

Summary Bio: Julia Roberts, MSc, Creative Studies, has been a brainstormer and marketing conceptor most of her adult life. She facilitates effective  brainstorming and problem-solving sessions for marketers and groups of writers in entertainment companies and marketing agencies. Over the years, her clients have included Warner Home Video, HBO, Motown, and [...]
Company/Employer: Decoding Creativity.com
Phone - Office: 818-478-1768
Phone - Mobile: 973-748-8985
Years Facilitating: 1-5

Vera Ribeiro

Summary Bio: Experience in HR area (Hiring,Training and Development) as a Manager , from 1973 to 1990 and Consultant since 1990, applying CPS in several companies (as a teacher in training programs),and facilitator in real problems. Presenter and Facilitator in Creativity Programs In Company . Working in Researches in Education [...]
Company/Employer: Freelancer
Phone - Office: 55-79 32493089
Phone - Mobile: 55-79 999871090
Rua Urbano Neto, 736 - Coroa do Meio, Aracaju - State of Sergipe, Brazil, Brazil
Years Facilitating: 20+
Languages Spoken:
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portugese

Douglas Reid

Summary Bio: Douglas Reid is the President of Douglas Reid & Associates, an organizational development group that specializes in creativity and innovation and change leadership. As a consultant, facilitator, trainer and leadership and team coach, Doug applies his talents and experience to individual, group, and organizational development and transformation. [...]
Company/Employer: Douglas Reid & Associates
Phone - Office: 602-295-3534
Phone - Mobile: 602-295-3534
Years Facilitating: 20+
Languages Spoken:
  • English

Paul Reali

Summary Bio: Trainer and facilitator Paul Reali of OmniSkills, LLC, helps teams discover and mine their creative potential. Recent customers include Bristol-Myers Squibb, Capital One, Eaton, Lowe’s, Macy's, and Raytheon. Paul has an MBA from Syracuse University with a major in Innovation Management, and an MS in Creativity from the International [...]
Company/Employer: OmniSkills, LLC
Phone - Office: 704-385-7371
Phone - Mobile: 336-926-8833
North Carolina, USA 28205
Years Facilitating: 20+
Languages Spoken:
  • English