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Found 79 listings

Laura Barbero Switalski, M. S.

Summary Bio: Laura is a partner of Darwin Associates, a consulting firm in Buffalo, New York, specializing in organizational development and creativity training and facilitation. She is a master facilitator, coach and trainer specialized in leadership development, executive coaching, team effectiveness and group facilitation skills, with a specific focus in the [...]
Company/Employer: Darwin Associates
Phone - Office: (716) 310-9772
Phone - Mobile: (716) 310-9772
559 Crescent ave Buffalo New York, USA 14214
Years Facilitating: 16-20
Languages Spoken:
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • French

Julia Roberts, MSc, Creative Studies, Certified Creativity Coach

Summary Bio: Julia Roberts, MSc, Creative Studies, has been a brainstormer and marketing conceptor most of her adult life. She facilitates effective  brainstorming and problem-solving sessions for marketers and groups of writers in entertainment companies and marketing agencies. Over the years, her clients have included Warner Home Video, HBO, Motown, and [...]
Company/Employer: Decoding Creativity.com
Phone - Office: 818-478-1768
Phone - Mobile: 973-748-8985
Years Facilitating: 1-5

Mahmoud Arafa

Summary Bio: Anywhere you find professionals contemplating the intersection between design and persuasion™, you’ll find Arafa motivating people to action. He helps clients to evolve from entrepreneurs to enterprises, from local to global and from inception to infinity. Arafa works with his clients to deliver messages in a way that makes the [...]
Company/Employer: Designframe USA
Phone - Office: 202 241 2592
Phone - Mobile: 2408888099
1701 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC, United States, USA 20006
Years Facilitating: 1-5
Languages Spoken:
  • English
  • Arabic

Douglas Reid

Summary Bio: Douglas Reid is the President of Douglas Reid & Associates, an organizational development group that specializes in creativity and innovation and change leadership. As a consultant, facilitator, trainer and leadership and team coach, Doug applies his talents and experience to individual, group, and organizational development and transformation. [...]
Company/Employer: Douglas Reid & Associates
Phone - Office: 602-295-3534
Phone - Mobile: 602-295-3534
Years Facilitating: 20+
Languages Spoken:
  • English

Newell Eaton

Company/Employer: East West Leadership Coaching; New&Improved; Darwin Associates......
Phone - Office: 518 669 3136
Phone - Mobile: 518 669 3136
Years Facilitating: 20+

Mr. Suhail Gupta

Summary Bio: Suhail Gupta is a creative facilitator that brings several years of experience across various organizations globally. He is a Master Trainer in Edward de Bono Tools and facilitates several other workshops on developing "Thinking as a skill". Suhail focuses on how to be personally creative and how to lead teams to [...]
Company/Employer: Edward de Bono India/ Ideas Management Consultants
Phone - Mobile: +919820055809
Years Facilitating: 11-15
Languages Spoken:
  • English
  • Hindi