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What is CPSI?

CPSI Conference - Bob EckertCPSI (Creative Problem Solving Institute) is the oldest and longest running conference dedicated to the teaching and practice of creative skills, sponsored by the Creative Education Foundation. CPSI was the brain child of our founder, Alex Osborn, the inventor of Brainstorming and Creative Problem Solving, and more commonly known as the cofounder of advertising firm BBDO.

CPSI is where you learn the skills that you and your organization need to stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

As a CPSI attendee you will learn through listening and observing, but mostly by doing. You will learn a proven, disciplined and repeatable approach for creative problem solving.

For the many participants who return year after year, CPSI has become a professional home and a must-attend event for the upper echelon of the business world. CPSI is truly unique:

  • It’s engaging – You’ll explore every facet of creativity and innovation among an international community of like-minded people sharing best practices and life experiences from a variety of cultures, backgrounds and professions.
  • It’s inspiring – You’ll learn creative techniques and methods that can be used personally and in the workplace immediately. You’ll emerge renewed and armed with the skills that you and your organization need to stay competitive in today’s challenging marketplace.
  • Its fun - You’ll be in a dynamic, multi-dimensional learning environment brimming with collegiality, playfulness, openness, challenge, spirit and purpose.

CPSI Conference - Markers and TapeWhatever YOU need in your life right now, whether it’s professional development, innovative business solutions, thought-provoking self-discovery, invigoration and renewal of spirit, or just a refreshing break from daily stress and rote activities, CPSI is a safe and inspiring place to transform and grow in whatever ways work best for you.

It’s likely you will leave slightly different than you were at the start.

Visit the CPSI Conference website here:

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