CPSI = Creative Problem Solving Institute

Join us at the Creative Education Foundation’s Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI) — the world’s longest-running creativity conference.

Highlights from 2019 CPSI in Buffalo, NY

Whether you are new to deliberate creativity or a seasoned creativity professional, CPSI provides an array of engaging, transformative, and easy to apply creativity, innovation, and leadership skills.

New attendees learn from our hand selected and trained Core CPS Faculty, by participating in our Core CPS Courses. Returning attendees can choose from an array of innovative workshops that explore novel applications and combinations of creativity disciplines. Join us at CPSI and experience the transformative power of applied imagination with more than 400 of your new best friends.

Make CPSI a family affair when you sign up your 8 to 17 year olds for YouthWise, too!

Make CPSI a Team Retreat and Save!

Bring four or more people for a team discount! Contact us for more information.