Creative Leadership Fellowship

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Travelers and the Creative Education Foundation (CEF) are proud to present the Creative Leadership Fellowship, designed for entrepreneurs and business owners either from Hartford or who have a commitment to the Hartford community. We seek Fellows from businesses founded by BIPOC entrepreneurs and/or businesses focused on communities of color. This Fellowship is offered to leaders who are committed to their community.
What does this Fellowship include?

Creative Leadership Fellows will participate in CEF’s signature Creative Problem Solving (CPS) for Business Leaders training. This training starts with an introductory virtual session in CPS, as well as FourSight Assessments. FourSight is a psychometric assessment based on the science of CPS that provides insight into personal and team dynamics, strengths, and challenges.

Fellows then participate in a day-long CPS intensive in September with CEF Trainers. During this session, Fellows will learn the CPS process and will also explore applications to their business challenges. After the in-person training, participants will have on-going virtual and asynchronous training support in the form of workshops, office hours, and training videos. At the conclusion of the program, Fellows will execute an implementation plan for a particular business challenge or opportunity they face.

Why Participate in Creative Leadership CPS Training?
  1. Empowerment through Creative Leadership: CPS training empowers individuals to become agents of change. By equipping participants with CPS skills, Fellows can address complex challenges and drive meaningful impact for their businesses and in their neighborhoods.
  2. Strategic Partnerships for Growth: We emphasize the importance of strategic partnerships as a catalyst for growth and sustainability. Establishing strategic alliances can unlock access to resources and networks, and broaden opportunities leading to better business outcomes. Our program provides tools and guidance for forming and leveraging these alliances effectively.
  3. Building Trust and Engagement: CEF strives to create a safe space and a brave space during training. We acknowledge that for many, no space can ever truly be safe, but we pledge to foster and request that all participants assist in creating a brave space, which means we assume positive intent and welcome candor and correction. We recognize the neglect and injury that communities like Hartford have experienced. Our programming aims to offer support, resources, and opportunities for growth. By fostering a safe and brave culture of collaboration, we strive to create an environment where individuals feel valued, heard, and empowered to drive change.
  4. Long-Term Impact: CPS training is not a one-off event but a journey towards continuous learning and growth. Our approach includes both synchronous and asynchronous programming to ensure accessibility and flexibility. By providing ongoing support and resources, we cultivate a community of empowered leaders who are equipped to navigate challenges and seize opportunities.
Who are Creative Leadership Fellows?

Creative Leadership Fellows are community-conscious small business owners or entrepreneurs from Hartford or doing business in Hartford. They are nominated by small business-serving or entrepreneurship-serving organizations (SBBO/ESOs), and they fulfill the following characteristics and criteria:

  • Have an established business that is currently making sales and doing business; $50,000 in annual revenue in previous year is preferred, but if you have more or less income and think you are a good fit for this program please submit an application.
  • Are committed to the Hartford community and professionals committed to the Hartford community, exhibited by business location, active participation in Hartford business groups, nonprofit organizations, or other community organizations and activities;
  • Have exhibited acumen in or appreciation for creative problem solving or creative leadership;
  • Are committed, have a growth mindset, and have a desire for both personal and community success.
  • Are ready to work alongside other businesses to develop a community of support.

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Schedule of Fellows Activities


  • Nomination process begins.


  • Fellowship application review begins.


  • Selected Fellows announced
  • Virtual meeting with CEF trainers and Fellows to answer questions and to introduce Creative Problem Solving.
  • Asynchronous learning assignments begin.
  • Fellows complete FourSight online assessments


  • In-Person CPS workshop, 6 hours. Location and time TBA.


  • Asynchronous learning focused on individual business challenges or opportunities
  • Coaching sessions

If you have any questions, please contact Beth Miller at or (508) 960-0000, ext. 2