Sidney J Parnes Global Fellowship

The Sidney J. Parnes Global Fellowship

Bea Parnes established the Sidney J. Parnes Global Fellowship in honor of her late husband and Creative Education Foundation Founder, Sidney J. Parnes. Sid’s great passion was to bring CPS training to the world, and this Fellowship seeks to honor that vision. During the Parnes Fellowship, expert facilitators train community leaders in Creative Problem Solving to help them develop as creative thinkers and innovators, so they can tackle challenges to advance the common good and improve lives in their communities.

During this 1-year program, Fellows develop skills in creativity, cultural competency, leadership, collaboration, influence, storytelling, and project management to move their ideas into action. Currently, the the Parnes Fellowship is an invitation-only program that includes:

  • Full scholarships to two Creative Problem Solving Institutes (CPSI), the longest-running creativity and innovation conference in the world.
  • Monthly training sessions presented by creativity and leadership experts that will train Fellows in three levels of Creative Problem Solving: Foundations in CPS, Tools in CPS, and Facilitating CPS.  Includes Foundations and Tools Certifications
  • Individualized support from expert CPS Mentors.

If you would like to help us preserve Sid’s legacy, you can donate to support the Parnes Fellowship Program. For more information about how to give, contact CEF at

Jenna Bichler, Executive Director, Erie Community College Foundation, Inc.
Stephanie George, Director of Development, Catholic Charities
Samantha Arcara, Behavioral Health Specialist, Jericho Road Community Health Center
Mary Victor, Call Center Manager, Jericho Road Community Health Center
Christopher Broda, Manager of Interpreting and Translation Services, Journey’s End Refugee Services
Siti Khadijah Binti Abdul Salam, RSIP Program Assistant, Journey’s End Refugee Services