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Transform your workplace into an innovation hub.

According to the World Economic Forum, creativity is one of the top three skills for the 21st Century workforce. The global economy and technological advances create a contemporary workplace that is complex and increasingly automated.

The world is changing at breakneck speed, and requires workers to be spry, flexible, creative collaborators. Creative Problem Solving (CPS) helps workers tap their natural creativity and to apply it in a deliberate process to help your organization negotiate change, and to transform challenges into opportunities. Management consultant, Margaret J. Wheatley notes, “The things we fear most in organizations — fluctuations, disturbances, imbalances — are the primary sources of creativity.”

Bring Creative Problem Solving to Your Workplace

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Professional Development Options: 

Professional Development Workshops

CEF can design workshops for your professional team as short as 90-minutes or for multiple days. We can provide virtual workshops and live workshops, and can also facilitate meetings or strategic planning sessions. Let us customize a Professional Development plan that makes your team more collaborative, productive, and innovative.

Creative Problem Solving Institute Conference

The Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI — “SIP-see”) is our signature 4-day creativity, innovation, and leadership conference held each June.  Take advantage of group discounts and bring your team to CPSI for an immersive professional development experience that will serve as both company retreat and training opportunity.

Why Is Creative Problem Solving Important for Your Organization?

For your organization to respond quickly to change and challenges, your workers need to be confident and creative. CPS provides an easy to apply and methodical process that creates a path through change to innovation. Our professional development generates break-through ideas, improves teamwork, and energizes participants. Learn to:

  • Recognize and overcome blocks to creativity.
  • Identify attitudes and behaviors conducive to creative thinking.
  • Apply core concepts of creative thinking.
  • Use a variety of thinking tools.
  • Apply the CPS process to simulated or real situations.
  • Make deliberate creativity a regular way to engage the world.

Why should you and your co-workers learn Creative Problem Solving?

CPS fosters skills and abilities that represent an array of 21st Century skills. You and your co-workers will learn to:

  • Value inquiry and curiosity, and how to use the tools and techniques to develop these intuitive inclinations.
  • Embrace creativity, risk-taking, and imagination — qualities essential to revealing new ideas and solutions.
  • Couple creative thinking with critical analysis to both unlock possibility and to define actionable activities.
  • Collaborate as part of a team and communicate complex ideas.

CPS will help you and your workers become nimble, fluent, and innovative thinkers.

What CPS training participants have to say about our professional development: 

I reference the CPS process when thinking about how to solve problems in a new way.  I also share some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned when advising on brainstorming plans or cross-functional project planning. As a fan of CEF’s work, I share some of the benefits of the process with others whenever applicable.

The biggest take away are the tools for gathering data more thoroughly and refining the challenge to solve for the right problem. These are the lowest hanging fruit for me to add value to a problem solving project; it’s the biggest “aha” moments for others I speak to since they’re usually quick to jump to “brainstorming” a solution and don’t spend as much time upfront, clarifying, in the process.

Jen Sailer

Senior Manager, NBA

Although I did a fair share of brainstorming in several companies, the CPS-process made all my previous experiences fall into place. The CPS-process is universal; it gets you to unexpected answers to “unsolvable” problems and helps to overcome our cognitive biases. Simply great; need more.

Norbert van Berckel

Director, Kenniscentrum Filantropie Foundation

An immersive, hands-on experience where you will learn a set of strategies for solving problems that are relevant across industries.

Alex Aljets

University Innovation Alliance Fellow, Oregon State University

I work for Disney: I work creatively, and I get to manage creatively.  If you have embraced it fully, every part of you is involved with creativity. It is who you are. What I am grateful for is that CPSI is a place where there are a great number of people who get that. It is a way of breathing and being. It has enabled me.

Tricia Garwood

Leadership Development Manager, Disney University

CPSI is one of the most interactive, energetic, and intelligent conferences I have ever attended. Every day we are confronted with problems at work, at home, or in a volunteer organization. I have participated in personal and professional brainstorming sessions that I thought were effective only to find that the “solutions” were not implemented. By taking the deep dive into Creative Problem Solving at CPSI, I now see how effective a thoughtful, measured, fun, and inclusive brainstorming process can transform our world. Learning alongside people from all over the globe made me realize that our challenges our universal and that solutions are well within our reach if we work together and let our imaginations run wild.

Jacques Lamarre

Director of Client Services, BuzzEngine Marketing & Events

Bring Deliberate Creativity to Your Workplace

Contact us today to schedule your Professional Development Training or to inquire about bringing CPSI to your office or organization.