From the first moments after the check-in process (registration, housing) where everyone involved with CEF was hospitable and welcoming, I felt that I was already in the right place for my first ever CPSI. The sticker process (build your own name tag with stickers and markers) was something I’ve done a variation of for years at technical conferences, so it was a surprise that this was also part of CPSI (who knew?) An interesting side benefit of “building one’s own name badge” is that people came and went and I met several people at the table who became my friends as the week went on.

What changed for you as a result of attending CPSI?
A refreshing and wonderful new group of professional friends who I had not anticipated I’d meet. I expected a traditional, technical, focused conference where technical type professionals would engage in academic style learning with scant regard for new ideas or social interaction. It was a refreshing and confirming week of learning, discovery, socialization and great fun – while gaining new lifelong learning skills I can use in developing future workshops.

What would you tell a friend to encourage them to attend CPSI?
If you want to know yourself better, work better with others, find new and intuitive ways of interacting with others and taking risks to better the world, this is the place for you.

What’s one action you’re going to take as a result of attending CPSI?
Continued contact and interaction with a group of at least 15 new friends from around the world (6 countries). Also finally develop the workshop I’ve been planning for a decade.