“You have to go to CPSI”. This is what my mentor told me.

Walking through the doors of CPSI, I heard someone say: “CPSI finds you when you need it.”

Throughout the 5 days of learning, conversations, connecting, laughter, ‘aha’ moments, both these sayings rang true.

It is a place that puts learning in the centre of the experience. The opportunity to have three days dedicated to CPS Tools & Techniques, as well as load my schedule with breakout sessions, including CPS & resilience and the art of feedback, made for an action-packed and brain-filling week! We often forget how important attention is in the creativity (and memory) process – we are so busy doing multiple things at once.

How do you drive learning and engagement? Through diverse ways of doing and embracing different learning styles, play, humour and creating spaces for authenticconversation.

Enabling space for learning, exploring ways of learning and the environments to cultivate these, is a CPSI gift.
It is a place where history and progress are championed and treasured, simultaneously.

One of my favourite parts of the CPSI experience was the simultaneous and reinforcing conversations I had both about the past and the future.

The history and science of creativity were embedded throughout the conference. The rigorously tested process and tools, the discoveries, the stories about how CEF was founded, as well as how people encountered CPSI and why they keep coming back. Simultaneously, CPS is a future-oriented process and the conversations evidenced this. From different ways to solve ESG issues, diversity and inclusion, to leadership. The focus on progress and impact was ever-present, as shown by the Night Flights – participants are given the ability to test and get feedback on a framework, idea or proposition they have been working on.

Newton’s Law tells us that an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. CPSI is the unbalanced force that gives energy– in the best possible way.

It is a place that is brought to life by “moments.”
It is often the “in-between” or unexpected moments that we cherish the most.